QTZ80A Tower Crane

  • Model: QTZ80
  • Radius: 60/55M

  • Hook Height: 46M
  • Max. Height: 200M

  • Luffing Speed: 60/30/10m/min

  • Max.hoisting Capacity: 8T

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■ Specifications

Introduction of QTZ80 Tower Crane:

QTZ80 Tower Crane is characterized by horizontal jib frame, trolley travel, slewing self-climbing, novel structure and reliable running. All accessories are adopted from home famous brands and electrical components from international famous brands. “Quality First” is not just a slogan, which has already deeply rooted in UNIQUE people’s soul, besides we will also make all your purchases in unlimited satisfaction with our star-rated after-sales service.

■ Technical Data

Features of QTZ80 Tower Crane:

① With adequate lifting height, large working range and work space.
② It can be vertical, horizontal, while transportation, lifting, transportation, loading, unloading operations continuously in the three dimensional space is complete, work efficiency is high.
③ wide vision of cab, easy to operate.
④ simple structure, easy maintenance, reliability.

■ Parameters

Main Parameters of QTZ80A Tower Crane:

Model: QTZ80A (6010/5512)
Radius: 60/55M
Hook Height: 46M
Max. height: 200 M
Max. hoisting Capacity: 8T
Standard Mast Section Size: 1.835x1.835x2.5M
Hoisting Speed: 80/40r/min
Slewing Speed: 0.65r/min
Luffing Speed: 60/30/10m/min

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